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Food Waste Management Bristol

At Bristol Waste we provide food waste management solutions that are user-friendly and meet the demands of both industrial and commercial clients. Providing service that fits your needs and requirements is important to us. As a result, we tailor our scheduled food waste management including collection, recycling, and disposal to meet your specific requirements. Give us a call on 0117 369 0910 to speak to one of our dedicated waste managers who will also be your designated contact person to make sure that the service you receive is as personal and tailored as possible.

Our services are quick and efficient. In addition, be sure to tell us the number of dumpsters and loads you have, such as 1/2 or 3 dumpsters, so that we can send the appropriate manpower and vehicle to remove your waste. However, should you not be entirely sure of this, we can send someone to your site to perform a waste audit. Give us a call today.


What is Food Waste Management?

Food waste management entails the solutions and practises you have in place to ensure that your business food waste is controlled and kept safely. This includes how you keep or store the waste in your premises, how it is collected and transported and whether or not it is taken for recycling or landfill disposal.  Some companies primarily produce food waste because they are in the hospitality industry or events management and they deal solely with food or some have food places like cafes in their premises that sell food to the staff.

Regardless, food waste management is something you should think about. The modern consumer, the government and your employees expect it. A company’s environmental policies and waste-free operation are important to the above mentioned. There are practical and even profitable methods that can be implemented by growers, transporters, and retailers of food products in Bristol¬† to reduce food waste. Given the high levels of food waste and the humanitarian disaster of wasting food while many others go hungry, food waste management should be a high priority for many companies.


How is Food Waste Managed?

Fortunately, there are now a plethora of feasible options available to green conscious business owners. Here are some of the most frequent and efficient methods for reducing or managing food waste in your company:


By implementing a successful composting procedure, food producers can completely eliminate all their food waste concerns. This especially works best for companies that grow their own food as it will give you some incentive and save your business money. If you do not grow your own food, you can sell your compost to businesses that need it, hence increasing more of your revenue. Composting has impressive benefits when it comes to saving the planet and keeping your business green.


Food waste recycling turns the food into more valuable resources. Normally this is done through anaerobic digesters. Food waste is placed in an anaerobic digester, which breaks down waste without oxygen by using microorganisms. This mixture of methane and carbon dioxide can be used to generate heat, electricity, or transportation fuels.This gas that is subsequently produced is a renewable energy and an energy source. Anaerobic digestion also produces bio-fertiliser, which can be used as a natural fertilizer in agriculture.


Another option is sending the food waste into landfills. However, this option is not desirable as it does nothing to help save the environment. The same thing happens to food waste at landfills that happens in anaerobic digesters, except that the biogas produced goes directly into the atmosphere, contributing to global warming. Compared with carbon dioxide, methane has a 25-fold greater impact on the environment. 

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