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We offer nationwide commercial paper disposal and recycling services. Which means that not only do we provide commercial paper waste recycling services to businesses located in Bristol but we also provide services for businesses across the UK. Contact us today on 0117 369 0910 and save money on waste collection!

Follow these three simple steps if you want a price for recycling your commercial paper waste entirely at the lowest rates possible:

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The entire process of enquiring and receiving an estimate takes less than a minute, so there is no hassle or delays to handling your business waste.


What is Paper Waste Recycling?

Recycling paper is how we manage to make more paper products without compromising the environment by cutting down large amounts of trees which leads to deforestation. Paper recycling is the process of changing paper waste into new papers or paper products. Long filaments in high-quality paper (such as office paper) shorten when the paper goes through the recycling process. On average, office paper can be recycled five to seven times before becoming new office paper.

Each time paper is reused, its fibres become shorter and shorter, making it less recyclable. The fibres eventually become so short that the paper can no longer be reused as regular paper. Paper products of lower quality, such as tissues, newspapers, or egg boxes, can then be manufactured from the pulp made from papers with short fibres. So no matter what happens, paper can always be recycled into different forms to make sure that none of it ends up in landfills. 


How Does Paper Recycling Help the Environment?

Paper made from recycled resources uses 70% less energy than paper made from virgin materials.

Paper made from recycled resources is expected to emit 73% less pollution than paper made from virgin materials.

One tonne of newspaper necessitates the use of around 24 trees.

By recycling paper, you can help reduce your personal or company’s carbon footprint. There are more trees to absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions if fewer trees are cut down to create paper. The recycling of paper also uses less energy than making wood-based paper, which reduces your carbon footprint even more.


Paper Waste Storage Bins

Wheelie bins come in a variety of sizes and are ideal for storing waste paper and other dry mixed recyclables like cardboard. You can use a 120L wheelie bin, for example, if you don’t use a lot of paper or have limited room. Alternatively, if paper is an important part of your business’s operations and paper waste is produced in large quantities, the larger 360L wheelie bin may be preferable. Because the larger containers can hold more paper, you won’t need to schedule daily garbage collections.

Also, for businesses that produce large volumes of waste paper and similar materials, balers and compactors are ideal storage solutions. You can use them to maximize the amount of space you have by reducing the size of your materials into smaller blocks, so you no longer have to schedule frequent waste pickups.

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