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You’re providing a fresh lease on life to a variety of precious materials when you recycle your old electricals. It can be difficult to dispose of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) if you’re not sure of your legal obligations. You can trust us to dispose of your WEEE in the most compliant and environmentally friendly way possible. We must divert all types of WEEE from landfills under the WEEE directive, from refrigerators to computers to telecommunications equipment. Let Bristol Waste handle your WEEE waste for you. Call us on 0117 369 0910. 

You can entrust us with any WEEE collection. Electrical and electronic equipment manufacturers (EEEs) are legally obligated to comply with the WEEE Directive’s legislative standards.


What is WEEE?

WEEE waste is created when electrical or electronic equipment reaches the end of its useful life. WEEE waste is defined as non-household or household waste that has not been recycled to date. For decades, electric and electric equipment (EEE) has been an important part of our lives, bringing security, health, and comfort to our society. However, with technological breakthroughs showing no indications of slowing down in the near future, paired with rising consumerism, more EEE goods are being generated at a rapid rate, resulting in massive amounts of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) waste.

The WEEE Regulations may impose duties on you if you sell or dispose of electrical or electronic equipment. On your behalf, we can collect any WEEE. Our WEEE recycling program conforms with the WEEE Directive’s legislative standards, as well as the legal obligations of electrical and electronic equipment manufacturers (EEE). Thousands of businesses and people in the UK discard 2 million tonnes of WEEE each year. Plastic, ceramics, metals, and glass are used in many of these products and things. Because it contains a variety of components, some of which are dangerous, it can pose a number of environmental and health problems if improperly disposed of.


WEEE Disposal Bristol

Many of these materials had previously been improperly disposed of and transferred to landfills, where dangerous chemicals and heavy metals have leached into the groundwater. There are many places in the world, including India and China, where water and food have been poisoned due to improper WEEE waste disposal. Another prominent technique of garbage disposal is incineration. 

Every year, incineration is responsible for about 15% of the UK’s total WEEE waste. Hazardous gases are emitted into the atmosphere while the WEEE waste is burned. In the United Kingdom, there are many types of incineration plants, ranging from small ones used for hospital waste to massive, mass-burning operations. New legislation has helped to lessen this, but there are still a lot of things that aren’t needed. 

This goes to show that WEEE waste must be disposed of in a specific manner, preferably, recycling. Either through a recycling program like ours here at Bristol Waste. Many of the aforementioned elements are not dangerous when properly disposed of. If your business uses electrical and electronic equipment, there are certain responsibilities to be aware of when you dispose of them. These need to be followed so that you can be compliant with your duty of care. Following your duty of care entails:

  • Using a licensed waste hauler
  • Safely storing waste equipment
  • When waste leaves your premises, keep a transfer log.

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